Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Since listing the O'Day on "craigslist", have several inquiries.  The plan is to continue to list till sold, unless a certain young man, Cameron, would like.

As with the Westerly, both Morgans
would like the O'day brought back to initial condition, with, of course, improvements.

IF, I was starting again on this project, would I have changed my agenda?  Nope, not one bit.

As to me, as Dale Carnegie continues to be a renewing influence, I am more positive than ever.  How fortunate can one be?  I have a loving, beautiful, highly intelligent counterpart,   who in her own sphere is a successful business person, a fantastic brilliant son that I love, a grandson who will conquer the world if encouraged,   a loving sister that I adore, current and future family members that have entered my life, my unbelievable  joy in helping kids of all ages and of course my dogs, past and present.

The Lord and the Universe have watched over this fool.  Thanks

Though I came to the realization years ago, I cannot change the past, I do not know the future, I can live for today by doing no harm.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Had taken O'Day off the market in hopes that my bride would allow me to continue restoring...that is not happening.   So I am leaving to another family to complete.


Saturday, June 11, 2016



I have ended my sailing as result of the stroke 2 years ago.  Selling boat, free trailer, and motor for $1600 OBO

 So I need to prepare the next owner with my hope.   I have never had the O'Day in the water, so I know what has been told.  It is a shallow water draft, 3 foot or less. I began work on the inside and will add pictures.  Items that sold SEPARTERLY is lengthy.  Here is a start:
When purchased a new Margarine VHF with aerial.  A used Ritchie compass refit by B.T, Browley Norfolk, Va., and graded high.  New depth sounder with thru hull by Ray-marine, I think. Gimballed stove, cannot remember the brand...plus other equipment. Planned to seal the bottom, though it is OK, I have always done to past sailboats owned. Purchased several gallons of Interlux barrier coat.  Used hydro core plywood from boat supplier in Windsor, NC.  This wood was used to make replacement bulkheads and all the berths.  Have a several sheets left plus a  number of 4x8 teak plywood. New covering for the freeboard inside.   Started to remove portions of flooring to install a bilge pump. The teak was to be used for flooring.  The plan was to take teak, pinstripe to mimic teak and holly flooring,  A friend in Annapolis that refit taught me once stripped, six coats of strained marine clear poly. The trick is to make a cardboard template to form two sections. Had a deck plate for mast and reinforced deck below.  

Inside this blog, there are a number of posts relating to O'Day and items purchased.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Sailing - Smoking - Health

I have not been up during the last couple of years doing work on the O'Day. The good news is I quit smoking, lost 65 pounds (not by choice), and help Pat on weekend when I am available in her business www.e-stitches.com

The lure of getting back on this or another boat is strong. It is possible that when I retire, not anytime soon, of returning to the Chesapeake. Saltwater is in my blood, there is no doubt. Starting with the Westerly Cirus 22 in 1982, the Morgan Classic 30, Morgan OutIsland 416 and now the project boat, there is little doubt there is a drive to be, now this may sound silly, to be in a crisis situation on the water. Why is that? I experienced severe storms, mechanical problems while under sail, medical situations, and down right difficult people (not sailors or power boaters) . All has given me an appreciation of life and my family, a mindset that nothing is impossible, an understanding of adapting in a moment's notice without fear. Crisis is not a part of my make up.

Though I did not proceed with obtaining my doctorate , I think it is about time reduce thoughts to paper. Whether it will benefit others, I really don't care but would hope. What I do know is that, and I do not mean this as arrogant, but I have understanding of the human situation t better than many others in my field. Where did this come from? It came from those events during sailing that made me strong and a willingness to adapt, seeing a crisis as an opportunity to improve, and providing insight into issues as result of contacts. So much for a soap box.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Clock reset

This is the second time I have reset the clock to complete work. Appears now the time I may have is in July for a few days. I still am looking for wiring that has a lower cost and is marine quality. Though I found auto wire, not going to use.

I am posting some past pictures of from long ago when Randy, see picture on earlier post, and I were traveling the bay on the 416. How would I like to do again. (Pic is in Washington DC on a fourth of July, Randy is holding a number of parrots for a picture.)

An issue that may prevent is my left arm. I picked up a large box at work perhaps two years ago and popped something. Since that time it has been painful.

As my wife would say "Do you want some cheese with that whining (wine)."

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Computer Challenged

Though I started using a computer in 1978 with a Tandy 4K with a cassette drive; and over the years moved from the inital 8088 with floppy drive 5 & 1/4. I rely on my son who is has his degree in networking to fix problems. As with all on his field, they get upset when simple questions are asked. He shared that he was drafted at the college he works for to teach as basis starter course one evening. When he told all in the class to move their mouse to the bottom of the screen, on lady placed her mouse on the monitor at the bottom !

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Repairing Tarp

I heard from the company that made the tape used on the tarp. Though it states use in tough conditions, they shared it was not water proof. I will stick to duct tape from now on.

Should you like to know the name. Leave me a note.